What We Can Do For You or Your Business

  • Ink & Roll Fingerprinting
  • Notary Services
  • I-9 Authorized Representation for Remote Hiring
  • Apostille & Embassy Legalization
  • Passport & Immigration Photography
  • Child Fingerprint Cards
  • Fingerprint Rolling Technique Training for LiveScan and Ink & Roll

All our services are available in-office on a walk-in basis or on-site by appointment.

Ink & Roll Fingerprinting

Sample FD-258
Sample FD-258

Our ink & roll fingerprinting service is  fast and accurate.  Ink and roll fingerprinting is done on hard copy cards rather than electronic Live Scan prints.  The hard cards are submitted by the applicant or their employer to the appropriate requesting agency and cross referenced with FBI and/or state agency criminal databases.

Ink and roll fingerprint services are usually on a blank standard FBI card (FD-258), agency agency specific FBI cards that include pre-printed requesting agency information, or specialized documents.  We can put your fingerprints on any form you provide.

*Our office and mobile technicians have blank FBI FD-258 cards and a limited number of agency specific cards for FINRA, OSPI and ATF.

Authorized Representative Employment Verification for Remote Hiring

Having trouble getting a notary to complete the Form I-9 for your remote hires?  In a global economy, employers hire remote employees at an increasing rate but ensuring Form I-9 compliance can be a logistical nightmare.  Often an employer will send their employees to a notary to complete the form only to find that notaries typically refuse.  Since the form does not require notarization and notaries are prohibited from notarizing their own signatures, they cannot sign in the capacity of a Notary Public.

Our team is experienced in document verification and familiar with Form I-9 compliance.  With prior authorization, we can act on your behalf as your Authorized Representative for employment verification of your remote hires.

We can get your company set up to streamline your remote hiring needs in as little as 5 minutes and help you ensure I-9 compliance.

Notary Services

We have notaries available at our office 5 days a week during regular business hours.  Our mobile notaries can accommodate same-day appointments, after-hours and weekend requests.

We are familiar with the most common types of notarizations such as:

  • Administration of Oaths and Affirmations
  • Affidavits & Acknowledgements
  • Jurats
  • Document Copy Authentication
  • Signature Verification & Event Witnessing

Apostille & Embassy Legalization

We can obtain state and federal apostle and embassy legalization for all U.S. States.  Same-day document pick-up and delivery is avaiable throughout Western Washington.

Services Coming Soon…

It’s an exciting time at our office!  Pardon our dust as we make room for some new offerings.  We will be expanding to offer you the following services:

  • Personal Safety Training
  • Information Security Consulting
  • Anti-Bullying Training
  • First Aid/CPR training
  • Private Investigation
  • Background Checks & help navagating with the federal background check process.